Journey to the Real Twilight Zone
Everyone likes to delve into
the unknown, the strange,
the inexplicable. But, one
doesn't have to go very far to
find that the strangest things
in Life are right in front of us.
From quantum physics and
relativity, to God and the
infinite, we struggle to
understand what is really
happening. All that limits us is
our imagination, reason, and  
experience.  This section looks at all sorts of things that lie on the
edge of our understanding.  At times, what we consider is as real as
the computer you are using now.  At other times, we indulge in wild
speculation, just to see how far we can take it. Interested in visiting the
twilight zone?  [

Great Controversies in Economics
Unlike mathematics and the physical
sciences of physics and chemistry,
economics is a subject fraught with
controversies.  People find it hard to
believe that there can be objective
principles which determine income,
wealth, and well being.  For many,
economics is about the wise use of money; and since
everybody uses money, everybody has an opinion on the
subject.  Certainly it is true that economics is full of
controversies, but there are also many topics on which there
is wide consensus among economists. Dispelling popular
myths about economics is an important task.  This section
brings together a collection of such controversies and their
resolutions.  Care to read on. [

Mathematical Toolbox
As Kenneth Boulding has said " You
can't say 'I love you' in mathematics".  
Nevertheless, mathematics remains
our best language to discuss science
and economics. Its greatest strength is
also its greatest weakness, though.  
That is, it is wonderfully precise...often
too precise. But, this then gives us a
clue concerning the appropriate conditions for which
mathematics can be usefully applied.  This section provides
some useful mathematical tools and methods which we find
in science and economics.  Enjoy seeing your problems
work out nicely ? Read on.  [
Kleykamp in Taiwan --
" Live Long and Prosper "

"Medicine, law,  business,  
engineering, these are all  noble
pursuits, and necessary to sustain life.
But  poetry, beauty, romance, love,
these are what we stay alive for."  

----  from the movie
Poets Society  

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