Data, Extra Materials, and Software Links                                  

Overall Reports of International Organizations

                                                IMF Economic Outlook for April 2017 (pdf)

                                                         Update on IMF Report July 2017

                                        World Bank Global Economic Report June 2017 (pdf)    

UN World Economic Situation and Prospects May 2017 (pdf)   

OECD  Global Economic Outlook June 2017 (pdf of ppt)

                                                            Software (Free Online)

                                               gretl free open source econometric software

                                                  jmulti free online econometric software

                                   free online wolfram alpha computational knowledge engine (AI)
                           Note: this software is available for $99 NT for both Android and Iphone

See Stephen Wolfram TED talk

                                                     Data and Statistical Resources

                  ***   Knoema Useful Website    ***

             NOTE: UN is Good Annual Data Source for Coverage, begins 1970 but usually ends in 2015