Day 2  Emerging Markets and Group Presentations

Morning Materials

                    Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

                     Emerging Markets and Developing Economies PPT Slides     (pdf version)

                           The Dangers of Increasing Debt Burdens

PPT Presentation on Debt       (pdf version)

                                                              Exam    (Review Exam)

                                  Afternoon Materials

                         Topics for Group Presentations (15 min each)

                           Group 1  US Monetary Policy in the Future (some suggestions)

      ---  Janet Yellen on normalizing the Fed's balance sheet
                             ---  Fed Funds Rate Hikes    --- Fed Monetary Policy Report (long and technical)
                             ---  The Black Swans on the Horizon     --- How might the ECB deal with Fed policy   

                          Group 2  Euro Area Immigration Issues
(some suggestions)

 ---   Wiki on Immigrant Crisis     ---  Council of the EU view
                             ---   The EU and the Crisis          ---  EU Disunity
                             ---   The Future of Europe          

                          Group 3  China Rebalancing the Economy  
(some suggestions)

                             ---  China's LGFV                      --- China Rebalancing in 6 Charts
                             ---  China Rebalancing               --- Who is Affected by China's Rebalancing                       

                          Group 4  Japan’s Low Birthrate and Aging Population  
(some suggestions)

 ---    Wiki on Japan Aging           --- Long Term Care Insurance in Japan
                             ---    Japan's Fertility Crisis  

                         Group 5  Taiwan’s Single-Payer Health Care System  
(some suggestions)

 ---   Taiwan NHI (look for video)         --- Taiwan's NHI - The Future
                             ---   Pros and Cons for NHI
                         Group 6  Taiwan and China’s Economic Relations in the Future  (some suggestions)                                       

                             ---   Timeline of China-Taiwan Relations     --- Cross Strait Relations under Tsai
                             ---   Taiwan's New Go South Policy      --- China's Tourism Policy Towards Taiwan