Day 2  Emerging Markets and Group Presentations

Morning Materials

Multiple Choice Exam

   Please treat the exam as a chance to express yourself. It asks some questions that we did not
   directly cover in class, but can be easily answered using the Internet. Here are two questions to think
   about ... (1) how might automation affect labor markets in the future and (2) how are demographics
   (aging /low birth rates) and tight budget conditions making things difficult for countries like Japan.
   I am looking for your opinions here, not a particular "correct answer".  No need to write too much.

  Emerging Markets and Developing Economies PPT Slides    

                  PPT Presentation on Debt      

         Afternoon Suggested Materials

Topics for Group Presentations (less than 25 min for each group)

    Group 1

    Group 2

    Group 3

    Group 4

    Group 5

    Group 6