Day 2  Exam, Group Presentations, and Concluding Lecture

 .                         Morning Agenda

                                      Multiple Choice Exam  

                          Presentations and Suggested References

Presentation  Group 1  Demographic Headwinds (Japan and the World) 25 minutes
                 Reference:  Global Demographics: Why should we care?
                 Reference:  Japan Population Loss
                 Reference:  Japan's Debt Problem

Presentation  Group 2  Immigration and Refugees (US and Europe) 25 minutes
                 Reference:  The European Agenda on Migration (online resources)
                 Reference:   BBC on Five Numbers that Explain the US Border Crisis       

Presentation  Group 3  Why is Housing So Expensive (Global Trend)
25 minutes
                 Reference:  IMF Global Housing Watch
                 Reference:  Housing Valuations in Various Regions and Countries
                           General Discussion and Observations  

                                            Break for Lunch

.                             Afternoon Agenda

Presentation  Group 4   Energy in the 21st Century  
25 minutes
                Reference:  BP Energy Outlook 2018 (Youtube video)
                Reference:  Davos/CNN Energy Discussion January 2019

Presentation  Group 5   Protection and Trade Wars  25 minutes
                Reference:  Article on the US-China trade war
                Reference:  USTR Ambassador Robert Lighthizer's Testimony to Congress (long- audio very low)

Presentation  Group 6   Income and Wealth Inequality   25 minutes
                Reference: V. Ramey Lecture on US Inequality (1 hour)
                Reference: G. Mankiw on Inequality (please begin at 8 mins in)
                Alternative View: Richard Epstein on Inequality (short and interesting)

                       General Discussion and Observations

       Short Concluding Lecture on AI, Robotics, and the Future of Work