Lecture 3   A  Survey of the Euro Area Economy for 2016
Lecture 3  pdf file

Additional Materials for Afternoon 3
            Afternoon Topics  --   Problems with the EU Economy

1.   EU Debt Crisis              
2.   Is the Eurozone Recovering ?         
3.   Falling BIrths and Ageing in the EU        
4.   Recent ECB Policies         
5.   Germany's Role in the EU           
6.   Are immigration Policies in the EU Working ?   
EC Economic and
Financial Affairs
Lecture 3  PPT
Suggested Videos to Stimulate Thought on Discussion Topics
Day 3 -- Short Videos and Materials for Afternoon Discussion

1.  EU Debt Crisis   

Greek Debt Problem in 1 minute

The most recent IMF Report on Greek Debt  (June 26 2015 -- PDF)

The Great Euro Crisis -- BBC video

Greece Not Getting More Cash from the ECB

2.  Is the Eurozone Recovering ?

The Economist says yes.

Short Video on Progress in the Eurozone.

Inflation drops in June

3.  Falling BIrths and Ageing in the EU

The 2015 EU Ageing Report (PDF)

Video giving an Overview of Ageing in the EU

Population Ageiing in Europe (PDF)

4.   Recent ECB Policies

Good Starting Point for an in-depth look at the ECB  (webpage)

The ECB Explained in 3 minutes (video)

Please click on the Video "Governing Bodies" (Somewhat dated, but relevant)

Trading on the ECB's Policy (May 31, 2015)   

Long Video on Draghi Testimony to the European Parliament's Committee on Economic
and Monetary Affairs.  ( begin 19:00 minutes June 15, 2015)

5.  Germany's Role in the EU

Overview of Germany (webpage)

Interesting Comparison of Germany and Italy (BBC video March 2015 -- repeats itself -- ignore)

Greeks Vote, Merkel Decides   (webpage)

The Left wing Guardian opinion piece with a hate on for Merkel

Some Sympathy for the Germans from the Economist

Bernanke Complains about Germany's Trade Surplus

6.  Are immigration Policies in the EU Working ?

BBC video on UK immigration (Jan 2014)

BBC video on immigration  (June 2015)  

Germany video on too many immigrants (English not so professional)

Calais, France illegal immigrants (amateur film about 4 minutes, June 13, 2015)

Older Italian Immigration video by Australian-based Dateline (2009)

          Many, many videos on this subject

EU Report on Immigrant Integration (PDF Feb. 2015)