Lecture 4   A  Survey of the Japanese Economy for 2016
Lecture 4  pdf file

Additional Materials for Afternoon 4
Afternoon Topics --  Problems with the Japanese Economy

1. Why is Government Debt in Japan so Great?
2. Who Will Take Care of the Elderly in Japan?
3. What is Abenomics and Is It Working?
4. Why is the Birth Rate in Japan so Low and What Can Be Done?
5. Will Membership in TPP Really Help Japan?
6. Should Japan Continue to Use Nuclear Power?
Video on Global and Japanese Economy
Lecture 4  PPT
Japanese Policy Link
Suggested Videos to Stimulate Thought on Discussion Topics

                 Day 4 -- Short Videos and Materials for Afternoon Discussion

1. Japanese Debt

Good Intro to Japanese Debt (video)

The Economist on the Japanese Debt Problem (November 2014)

Abe Plans to Reduce the Deficit / GDP Ratio to 1% in 2018
    and Achieve a Surplus in 2020 (June 2015)

OECD Annual Economic Survey of Japan (PDF April 2015)

Fiscal Reforms in Japan  (June 30 2015)                 

2.  Japan's Elderly

The Old Dying Alone and the Old looking after the Old

The Age Bomb in Japan

Japan already has 25% of the population above 65 and this is rising.  

The Rising Gap between Revenue and Expenditure for Health Care in Japan

Policy Fixes Needed for Japan's Elderly Women

English translation of New Labor Law Governing Old People

Japan Times article discussing 2013 Old People's Labor Law

3.  Abenomics

General Explanation of Abenomics (2014)

Council on Foreign Relations on Abenomics (2015)

Davos -- World Economic Forum on Japan (video July 4 2015)

(I was the first person to view this video after it was uploaded !)
James Hartley, Director of News at the BBC can't get past two words
without saying "uh - uh - uh"   -- very annoying.

Heizo Takenaka discussing Abenomics very clearly  (video 2014)

4.  Japan's Birth Rate

A Must-See Video on Japanese Young People

Japan's Birthrate in 2014 falls

Birthrate in Japan Declines after rising for 9 years

In the Past, Forecasts of Birthrate Were Too Optimistic

Updated Government Policy Outline is Discussed Here  

Another Article on the Falling Population in Japan

Interesting statistics on Japanese women and celibacy

5.  Japan and TPP

Short Set of 9 CNN Videos on TPP

US and Japan are Key Players for Making TPP Work

A Negative View of TPP and Its Relation to Intellectual Property

CRS Report on TPP (2011)

Elizabeth Warren Believes that TPP will only Help Big Corporations (video)

6.  Nuclear Power After Fukushima

Japan's Energy Policy (2013 video)

Fukushima 4 Years On (March 2015 video)

Japanese Courts Rule Against Reopening Plants (April 2015)

Controversy Turning the Plants Back On (Dec 2014)