Lecture 5   A  Survey of the Chinese Economy for 2016
Lecture 5  pdf file

Additional Materials for Afternoon 5
Afternoon Topics   --  Problems with the Chinese Economy

1. Controlling the RMB (Chinese Yuan)
2. Explaining China's Evolving Trade Structure
3. Does China Have a Housing Bubble
4. Rebalancing China's Economy
5. China and Taiwan
6. China and Asia
Suggested Videos to Stimulate Thought on Discussion Topics

 Day 5 -- Short Videos and Materials for Afternoon Discussion

1.  Controlling the RMB (Chinese Yuan)

Short Video Discussing Liberalization of China's Financial (Capital) Account

Video Claiming China is Manipulating the RMB and this Costs Jobs

Is the Treasury Dept in the US following the law by refusing
              to label China a currency manipulator  ?        

2.  Explaining China's Evolving Trade Structure

Visualize China's Trade Using MIT's Economic Complexity Index

 Interesting PDF dealing with an ECI and Growth (Hildago and Hausman)

Summary of Changes in China's Trade Structure  

June Trade figures in China Not Encouraging

China's Trade with the EU 2014 (PDF)

China's Trade with Japan Slips (April 2015)

Does China Trade with US Take Away US Manufacturing Jobs     NBER Working Paper

3.  Does China Have a Housing Bubble

Is China's Middle Class Dream Built on a Housing Bubble ?

Good Article on China's "Ghost Cities"  (June 29, 2015)

China's Government is Buying Empty Housing and Selling to Low Income Households

Some "Mega-Cities" are Really Failing     Pics of Miniature "10 Wonders of the World"

4.  Rebalancing China's Economy

FT is Optimistic on China's Rebalancing (July 16, 2014)

FT Less Optimistic Now (May 22, 2015)

Stephen Roach on World Rebalancing, Not Only China  (April 6, 2015)

Asia Rebalancing (April 2015 long video)
Another moderator who enjoys saying uh-uh-uh thus
bolstering his intellectual bona fides ... ohhhh the pontification

5.  China and Taiwan

Video on US's Taiwan Policy Review After 20 Years (The Original Taiwan Policy
Review occurred in 1994 and this two part video discusses an evaluation
after 20 years - September 2014).  
Video Part 1     Video Part 2  

The Economist notes that China is warning the DPP  (March 2015)

CCTV shows China Opposed to DDPs lack of a One China Spirit (Mainland video)

                          The Candidates Speak

Tsai Ying Wen's June 2015 Speech in the US (video)

KMT Presidential Candidate Sophie Hung Urges the Party to Have Confidence in Policies
         (sorry, in Chinese, please begin at 4:45 minutes)  

                    ECFA and Economic Relations

Taiwan is becoming too economically dependent on China - editorial

Taiwan in NOT becoming too economically dependent on China - editorial

Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) Agreements Negotiated

6.  China and Asia

European Council on Foreign Relations - China's New Initiatives (PDF)

China's Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea -  Armed Conflict ?         

Japan and China in the East China Sea - Must There be Conflict ?

China and Japan Getting Along Better  (video)
Lecture 5 PPT