Video and Other Multimedia Links

General Overview

                                 Davos January 2017 - Global Economic Outlook (1 hour video)

                                        OECD June 2017 Economic Outlook (1 hour video)   

                                            Milken Institute Global Conference (1 hour video)                                                     

Secular Stagnation

                                              Lawrence Summers Speech October 2016

                                     Lawrence Summers Speech to Federal Reserve Bank St. Louis

                                                    TED Talk Robert Gordon Feb 2013

                                                Alternative View of Richard Koo  June 2016

                                                                      US Economy

                                                        Janet Yellen in London June 2017

                                                              CBO Forecasts Feb 2017

                                                                 Euro Area Economy

                                                Draghi on Euro Area Economy  June 8 2017

                                Current challenges in the Euro area: A view from Germany  Apr 2017

                                                                    Japan Economy

                                       Sims and Takenaka on Trump and Japan  May 2017

                                             Documentary on Japan Economy (1980s and 1990s)

                                                    Japan's Debt Problem Visualized (older 2013)

                                                                   China Economy

                                                             China's Economy in 2017

                                                      Brookings Panel on China  April 2016

                                           LSE on China's Economic Challenges  March 2016

Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

                                                           Ruchir Sharma on EM 2012