Video and Other Multimedia Links

General Overview 2019

            Davos January 2019 - Global Economic Outlook (30 min video)

                   OECD May 2019 Economic Outlook (1.5 hour video)   

CFR Global Economic Update July 2019 (1 hour video)                                                     

Productivity and Automation/Innovation

                                 TED Talk Robert Gordon Feb 2013
TED Talk  Martin Ford on the Future of Work  

TED Talk Sam Harris on Can We Control AI

                            IMF Committee on Spread of Productivity

                                               US Economy

Jerome Powell Testimony Monetary Policy and State of the Economy July 2019 (long)

                            CBO Budget and Economic Outlook January 2019

                                           Euro Area Economy

                         Draghi of the ECB New Conference June 2019

                          Imperfect Union: The Eurozone in Crisis

                                             Japan Economy
Short Introduction to Japan's Economy After WWII to Now

   Abenomics: Past, Present, and Future (University of Oxford Podcast - audio only)  

China Economy

                               China's Economic Outlook 2019

              Debate: China and the United States are Long Term Enemies
One Belt, One Road Explained

                      Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

                 Goldman Sachs Looks at Emerging Markets for 2019 (audio)

                   Ruchir Sharma on EMs for the Future July 23, 2019 (short)

Excellent video with Ruchir Sharma on the Asian Economy