Kleykamp in Taiwan --
" Live Long and Prosper "

Collection of Useful Audio and Video Files
Here is a legal download of one of Jane Child's
best known hits.  Enjoy.  By the way, Jane is
Canadian, not American.  Try visiting her
Here is a series of four (video) lectures by
minds of the twentieth century.  His lectures are
on quantum electrodynamics (QED), which is a
fancy way of saying the behavior of light and
electrons.  The audio on the last lecture is
pretty bad, but the first two lectures cover the
important material and are classics.  Sadly, was
truly amazing!  
Enjoy....... and read more about
this unusual man.
Is time travel possible?  Watch this (video)
lecture of Paul Davies. Professor Davies has
written numerous books on physics and the
"big questions". He is unsurpassed at making
terribly complicated subjects accessible to all of
us.   Look for his books on Amazon.
Ever heard of fractals...Mandelbrot sets?  Here
is a (video)
lecture of Professor Benoit
Mandelbrot of Yale giving a talk at MIT.  Yeah,
that's right.  The guy that discovered them !
And, check out the website of MIT World when
you get a chance.  Especially the Economics
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Here is a wonderful interview (video) of
C-Span when Friedman was 88 years
old.  Milton Friedman is probably the
most famous economist in the world
and won the Nobel Memorial Prize in
Economics in 1976.  He is perhaps
most famous for being the father of
monetarism, the idea that a steady
growth of money is the best monetary
policy over the long run. Enjoy.