Kleykamp in Taiwan --
" Live Long and Prosper "
Spyro Gyra offers us three legal
downloads of their music.  Not their
best, but it gives you a flavor of their
music. The style is called fusion
because it melds rock with jazz.  I feel
Freetime was their best CD.  Check it
out on
Amazon. Scroll down and play
all the 60 second selections. The
concert shown here was from the
Brookhaven Amphitheater.  

Thanks to Princeton for making these
available for streaming over the Net;
even to a place like Taiwan. Gives us
something to watch as the typhoons
come rolling in to batter the island.
MusicHere's a link to Nakashima Mika's
website the best song on the CD entitled .
You might need to turn off the introductory
audio using the on/off buttons provided on
lower right. Sony Music needs to rethink this
site. Anyway, negotiate your way from
Discography to Album--Music, then sample
some of the tunes. Domo Arigatoo, Mika.