Kleykamp in Taiwan --
" Live Long and Prosper "
(1)  PrintKey 2000 v.5.10 (no longer available)
(2) Gretl Econometric Software

(3)  Freecorder (simple to use, records audio off
your computer, records most streams)

(4)  MathGV (2-d and 3-d graphs of functions,
one and two independent variable functions)

(5)  Spybot Search and Destroy (left click, choose a
mirror, and download from the website. This
freeware will search your computer for trojans and
Replay AV lets you record audio and video
Works like a VCR since you can set the
time it will automatically record. Very
Audible.com has thousands of
audiobooks ready for purchase and
download.  You need to download the
Audible Manager which will play the
audiobooks on your computer.  You can
also burn to disks or you can download to
portable players like IPAQ, etc.
Economagic.com has thousand of series
on economic and financial variables.  The
data is free, but to get it in cut and paste
mode, change frequency option, instant
(7) Alarm clock for your computer desktop. Go to
Karen's Power Tools for the download.  Works
really well.  Accepts MP3's as the alarm sound.
(8)  Ad-Aware free anti-spyware.  Works really
well.  Widely used throughout the world. From

Noteworthy Downloads and Software
I have used this software and had no trouble, use at your own risk
NOTE:  For right now, free anti-virus software
is available from
AVG and from AVAST. I have
good at spotting USB-entry viruses common to
comprehensive software package.  You need to
register to use it, but it is completely free.  AVG
is very easy to use.   I have had no trouble
running BOTH at the same time on my PC at
home.  Both AVG and AVAST virus definitions
can be updated nearly every day.  These are
excellent choices for keeping viruses at
bay...and they are free and legal!