Video Page
                                                                                          Energy and the World Economy - Ceaseless Change
                                                                                                     An Advanced Course for August 2016

World Energy Market

                                                                                       IEA World Energy Outlook 2015 (40 min Youtube video)

                                                                                  IEAWorld Energy Outlook 2015 Q&A (40 min Youtube video)

                                                                                                Energy Technology and Renewables

National Geographic video on Renewable Energy (50 mins)

Youtube video on fracking (5 min)

Earth 2050  The Future of Energy (44 min)


 Income Inequality  

Gregory Mankiw on Income Inequality ( begin at 8:00 min and end 22:45 min)

                                                                                   Richard Epstein on the Positive Aspects of Income Inequality