Great Controversies in Economics
Adam Smith
( 1723 - 1790 )

(1)  Exports are Better for Economic Growth than are Imports

(2)  Machines and the Rise of Technology Cause Unemployment

(3)  The Stock Market is Just a Big Casino

(4)  Higher Profits for Stockholders Mean Lower Wages for Workers

(5)  Globalisation Only Benefits Large Multinational Corporations

(6)  What the World Needs is Fair Trade, Not Free Trade
(7)  Nonrenewable, Natural Resources Should Not be Privately Owned
(8) Money is the Root of all Evil and Should be Eliminated
(9)  People are Told what to Buy through the Advertising of Big Corporations
(10)  Wars are Caused by Capitalists Fighting Each Other for Markets and Resources.
(11)  Corporations Only Care about the Bottom Line and Not about the Environment
(12)  All Prices are Reasonable since for every Seller there must be a Buyer
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