Monday 2-4 pm  E 515   Statistics II
Monday 4-6 pm  T 404  Freshman English II

Wednesday 1 pm - 3 pm  SG 318  Principles of Economics II
Wednesday 3 pm - 5 pm  Q 407  Graduate Intermediate Macroeconomics

Thursday 10 am -12 pm  T 606  Undergraduate Intermediate Macroeconomics
Thursday 1 pm- 3 pm  T 506  The Taiwan Economy


What's the Point of Asking   

    "But Larry," she smiled.  "People have been asking these questions for thousands
    of years.  If they could be answered, surely they'd have been answered by now."

    Larry chuckled.

    "Don't laugh as if I'd said something idiotic," she said sharply.

    "On the contrary I think you've said something shrewd.  But on the other hand you
    might say that if men have been asking them for thousands of years it proves that
    they can't help asking them and have to go on asking them..."

    from The Razor's Edge, by Somerset Maughman

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