Kleykamp in Taiwan --
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Links to Important Blogs

Applied English at Tamkang University
This is a small blog set up by Professor Kleykamp in order to
give students at Tamkang University a chance to comment on
important topics in the news, as well as practice applied English.

This is a search engine for blogs on the Internet.  Got a hot
topic and want to see what others are writing about it.  Just go
to Technorati and search for it in the blogosphere.

This is a widely read blog which covers many breaking stories
throughout the world.  Lots of links to the news.
Hugh Hewitt
Hugh has one of the best blogs on the Net.  He is a law
professor and a media personality with a lightening quick
mind.  He even has a book out entitled "Blog".  He is very
committed to the Internet and the blogosphere.  He often
attacks the MSM--main stream media.  Check the audio links
to see how to access his talk radio streams.  

Brad DeLong's Website
Keynes General Theory
This is a blog set up by Professor Kleykamp to encourage
discussion of all aspects of John Maynard Keynes' life and
work.  It is composed of small vignettes of Keynesian theory
and controversies.  Intuitive miniatures.
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elections.  Covers everything including polls, news
transcripts, and political futures such as the Iowa Electronic