Course Schedule

                                   NOAA Global Surface Temperature Data in *.txt file
                                       Mauna Loa CO2 Data in *.txt file

    8    106/11/23                             Midterm Exam Week

 9    106/11/30   Topic 7    Choosing a Research Topic and Getting Resources Needed   
10    106/12/07   Topic 8    
Pitfalls in English Grammar and Style for Your Thesis
11    106/12/14   Topic 9    Installation and Use of Zotero and Citation Software
12    106/12/21   Topic 10  Important Terms and Vocabulary ( IR and Poli-Sci )

                        IR Terms       20 word vocabulary test      Answers to test

   Thanks to Gary Wee for creating and giving us the following pdfs dealing with
     important school information and connections with library databases, etc.

1.  01_Set new TKU online ID
                                           2.  02_Fill in personal information
                                           3.  03_Set library account
                                           4.  04_Set TKU Google account (gms)
                                           5.  05_Tamkang SoftCloud
                                           6.  06_Access Google Scholar article outside campus

13    106/12/28   Topic 13  Administrative Requirements and Thesis Details
14    106/01/04                    Short Presentation and Discussion of Papers   
15    107/01/11                    Final Report Due
Kleykamp in Taiwan --
" Live Long and Prosper "

Introduction to Thesis Writing

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