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Fall 2018  
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Materials for the Course

Introduction - Outline

No Class on September 18th

Random Variables and Probability -- Classical View  

Simple problems for Classical probability

Try the online integrator by Wolfram
For the Negative Exponential pdf
try typing in --   integrate 2e^(-2x) from 0 to 10
You should get 1 as the answer
(you can even cut and paste this one)
Show that the median for this pdf is about 0.3465 and
the mean is 0.5

MathAlly - Short Video (40+ MB)
This is the video I promised you showing how to
integrate the Negative Exponential pdf in MathAlly

Random Variables and Probability -- Modern View

Probability Distributions -- Discrete

Probability Distributions -- Continuous

chi-square with 4 degrees of freedom
cut and paste the following into Wolfram Alpha:

integrate (0.25)*(x^(4/2-1))*(exp(-x/2)) from 0 to 30

plot (0.25)*(x^(4/2-1))*(exp(-x/2)) from 0 to 15

Use Wolfram to find P[X<3.5] assuming X~Chi-Sq(4)

The answer is a little more that P[X<3.5] = 0.522

Some Exercises (October 23)

More Exercises (October 30)


Final Exam
Tuesday January 8, 2019
4:20 pm - 5:50 PM

Review Questions

Mean and Variances

Excel file showing an example of histogram and using the histogram to
compute the sample average and sample variance

The Normal Distribution

The Central Limit Theorem and Its Uses

Video on N-P Testing - Testing the Fairness of a Coin

Covariance and Correlation  

Students may bring their smart phones and use calculators
no laptop, notebook, or notepad computers can be used

Download and install gretl software