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Fall 2018  
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Materials for the Course

Introduction - Outline

No Class on September 18th

Random Variables and Probability -- Classical View  

Simple problems for Classical probability

Try the online integrator by Wolfram
For the Negative Exponential pdf
try typing in --   integrate 2e^(-2x) from 0 to 10
You should get 1 as the answer
(you can even cut and paste this one)
Show that the median for this pdf is about 0.3465 and
the mean is 0.5

MathAlly - Short Video (40+ MB)
This is the video I promised you showing how to
integrate the Negative Exponential pdf in MathAlly

Random Variables and Probability -- Modern View

Probability Distributions -- Discrete

Probability Distributions -- Continuous

chi-square with 4 degrees of freedom
cut and paste the following into Wolfram Alpha:

integrate (0.25)*(x^(4/2-1))*(exp(-x/2)) from 0 to 30

plot (0.25)*(x^(4/2-1))*(exp(-x/2)) from 0 to 15

Use Wolfram to find P[X<3.5] assuming X~Chi-Sq(4)

The answer is a little more that P[X<3.5] = 0.522

Some Exercises (October 23)

More Exercises (October 30)

Review for the Midterm Exam (November 6)

Midterm Exam
Tuesday November 13, 2018
4:20 pm - 5:50 pm


Mean and Variances

The Normal Distribution

The Central Limit Theorem and Its Uses

Video on N-P Testing - Testing the Fairness of a Coin

Covariance and Correlation  

Download and install gretl software