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Statistics II
Spring 2018 Monday Afternoon  
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Suicide Data (. csv file)

    107/03/26~107/04/01   5     Simple Regression IV                        

    107/04/02~107/04/08   6     Off Campus Study                         

    107/04/09~107/04/15   7     Multivariate Regression  I            

    107/04/16~107/04/22   8     Multivariate Regression  II                                      

    107/04/23~107/04/29   9      Review for Midterm               

107/04/30~107/05/06   10   Midterm Exam Week  

The rest of this semester, you should take very close notes in class. I will discuss each topic
below and we will illustrate it using gretl or Excel. I will not be posting pdf articles for you to
read. These are much more technical topics, but they are also very useful.

                                  2016 Grade Data for Practice Histograms in Excel

    107/05/07~107/05/13   11     The F test in Regression            

F-Test Data Set 1

                                                    F-Test Data Set 2

                                                    F-Test Data Set 3

    107/05/14~107/05/20   12     Dummy Variables in Regression

Taipei and CKS Temperature Data

                                                    Temperature Data Set 2

    107/05/28~107/06/03   14     ANOVA  using Regression and Excel  

            t-test for equality of means     dataset0      dataset 1     dataset2     dataset3

            One Way ANOVA Data Set        ThreeTreatmentsDataSet    

    107/06/04~107/06/10   15     Logit Analysis     

                                Data for Logit Example       Logit Lecture            

    107/06/11~107/06/17   16     Limitations of Statistics                    

    107/06/18~107/06/24   17     Review for the Final     

                      ANOVA -- A Worked Example                    

    107/06/25~107/07/01   18   Final Exam Week                                        
Download and install gretl software