Journey to the Twilight Zone
Are all the different pieces of reality connected together?  Can
anything travel faster than the speed of light?  Science appears
to be coming closer to answering these spooky kinds of
Read on.
Wave-Particle duality defies our intuition.  It appears that reality
can be magical, and the Magician likes to hide His tricks.
Dr. Melvin Morse is an interesting person.  He has spent
decades studying the near death experiences (NDEs) of children
that he treated as a pediatrician. Here is the first chapter of his
book "
Closer to the Light" using Amazon's legal  "search inside"
feature. The book explains how Dr. Morse first became
interested in the subject of NDEs.  He is not the only doctor or
scientist to attempt to make a scientific study of NDEs.  Don't get
me wrong.  His work is not without its critics, but its hard to argue
with the observations of innocent children.  Dr. Morse's books
have been translated into dozens of languages. You can visit his
website at
Into the Light and evaluate for yourself this
remarkable pediatrician and neuroscientist.  Consider this man's
scientifically based optimism and religious conviction the next
time you feel Life is so dark and meaningless.  Thanks Dr.
Kleykamp in Taiwan --
" Live Long and Prosper "