Kleykamp in Taiwan --
" Live Long and Prosper "

The Wine Cellar
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from Hahn Estates is a good low priced red.  
Costco.  It has a sweet initial taste, but no bitter
after taste. Slightly dry on the palette.  
Excellent with beef or with light snacks such as
winery sells its Valley Oaks brand at
Costco in Taiwan.  I bought this wine
for under $500 NT.  It is organically
grown -- no pesticides, etc.  I was
delighted with its taste.   Cabernet
Sauvignons are produced by many
different wineries.  The cabernet was
Ronald Reagan's favorite type of wine.
You can read more about this wine at
Fetzer's website.  The town in
California where Fetzer is located has
a population of 800 people. Fetzer is
America's sixth largest producer.