Writing English -- A Short Course
List of Writing Topics
A Series of Writing Assignments and Modules for Taiwanese Students

For each of the fifteen topics below, write one essay consisting of approximately 300
words using excellent grammar and appropriate style. You may consult any data source
that you want, but you may not plagiarize others’ text. Concentrate on your content first,
make an outline of the ideas you wish to express, and then write accordingly.

Choose something that might symbolize Taiwan and discuss its significance.
2.         How has globalization changed Taiwan?
3.         Why is the population growth rate falling in Taiwan?
4.         What is one thing which you would change about Taiwan?
5.         Does the steady rise of China pose a threat to Taiwan?
6.         What common cultural aspects do the people of Taiwan and China share?
7.         How do Taiwan boys and girls think differently?
8.         Are you satisfied with the secondary educational system in Taiwan? Explain.
9.         Why is it important to get a college degree?
10.       How has social media affected your life?
11.       Why are houses so expensive in the Taipei area?
12.       Should the government provide more assistance to the poor in Taiwan?
13.       If given the opportunity, would you leave Taiwan or stay? Explain.
14.       Taiwan needs more energy to grow — how would you solve this problem?
15.       Discuss why pollution is a serious problem for people living in Taiwan?

    Combined pdf file with all 15 examples of the writing assignments
Guidelines for Writing Essays
Reference 1:  Strunk and White The Elements of
Style Illustrated

Reference 2:  Websters New World English
Gramma Book (Kindle edition)
Write a short description of each painting using good English.